We offer all-in-one licences, so you don’t need to pay extra if you want to use our fonts on a web or in an app. With every purchase, you receive .OTF, .TTF and .WOFF2.


What does the number of users mean?

The number of users you select in your order is the amount of workstations you can install the typeface on.

Do I need to purchase a special licence to use the font for a web, an app or a logo creation?

No. When you purchase a font, you can use it on selected amount of computers for unlimited number of websites, apps and anywhere else you need. Although, there are some conditions you need to follow for such use.

Are there any limitations in the web and app licence regarding the number of visitors and downloads?

No. You can use the fonts on any website and in any app as long as it follows certain conditions (e.g. you must be the owner of the domain's name or the app).

The number of users (workstations) using the fonts increased. How can I upgrade?

Contact us to upgrade your licence. You will only have to pay the difference between the old number of users (licences) and the new one.

What font files do I get?

When you buy a font from us, you receive .otf files for print, .woff2 for digital use and .ttf for variable fonts. We do not deliver other extensions as we believe there is no need for other formats these days.