Variable fonts

We offer all of our typefaces as variable fonts. What are variable fonts? What is their support? Read the answers below.


What are variable fonts?

Variable font is a relatively new format of font file which allows you to use predefined font axes. These axes allow you to interpolate between two or more masters. In other words, you can choose any style you need for your project even though it is not listed here or sold individually (e.g. you can have a style between Medium and Semibold). If you want to know more, visit

Do you offer variable fonts?

Yes. Every font family we have in offer can be purchased as a variable font. We deliver these as .ttf for print and .woff2 for digital.

Can I try your variable fonts?

Of course you can! Just download the package with trial fonts and you will find everything there.

What is the support of variable fonts in general?

Current support of these font files in print is poor. Today, many softwares are still not able to display the sliders for using the axes nor you can use the instances predefined inside the font. Therefore, we recommend using a trial version first, so you can try the functionality in your desired software. Be aware that we do not provide any warranty on the compatibility of the font software with other software you may use. Regarding the web use, head over to to see the current browsers support.